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A roofing contractor's workmanship warranty is one of the most important things any homeowner can receive upon the completion of their roofing project. A solid workmanship warranty with a Davis roofing professional can save homeowners large amounts of money that would have otherwise been spent on fully priced roofing services.

Knowing who is responsible in the event of roof damage, what makes a successful warranty, where warranty services apply and when the ideal time for inspections is will ensure that a home's roof is maintained to the highest possible level of quality and that its lifespan is stretched out to the longest possible maximum.

The first W of roofing maintenance, "who", applies to who is responsible for repair in the event that roof damage occurs and who is responsible for the proper proof of a maintenance warranty. Workmanship warranties cover just that and usually cover defects in workmanship or service. Responsibility for proof of a workmanship warranty will ultimately fall upon the homeowner in the event of a legal dispute, but any reputable roofing contractor will have a copy of all service contracts made throughout the years.

Next comes the "what" and "where" of a successful agreement. This is typically a written agreement between a roofing contractor and a homeowner stating what work needs to be done, the conditions applicable to the warranty and the estimated costs of services to be rendered.

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All roofs are different and can experience different problems, but workmanship warranties should roughly cover the same set of basics for service and sometimes additional repairs.

Lastly, the "when" of home inspection will provide the final piece necessary for properly maintaining a roof. When is the ideal time for a roof inspection? The answer is about twice a year. However, the need for inspections can vary based on location and use. Certain types of roofs may require monthly inspections because of high traffic use or product contamination.

The overall importance of roof maintenance and inspection cannot be understated, and homeowners should consult a roofing professional regularly to determine the best course of action for a certain type of roof. These four W's should serve as a simple reminder and rule of thumb for keeping a roof well maintained and up to code. Remember who is responsible for roof repairs, what those services consist of, where they will take place and when the best time is to receive a regular roof inspection.

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