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A Davis roofing contractor will look at and investigate a variety of elements when performing an inspection. Depending on many factors, he or she will need to adjust how they approach the inspection and what types of problems may be encountered. These factors include the type of roofing material, the slope of the roof, the architecture of the structure, the climate and other aspects that are unique to each situation. However, every contractor will perform several steps. Understanding what these steps are will give a homeowner an idea of what to expect when the time for an inspection arrives.

There are three basic reasons for a roof inspection. First, consistent maintenance of the roof is vital; thus, an inspection should be performed once a year to look for damage or leaks. Second, a trained inspector can look at numerous elements of the roof and provide an accurate estimation of the remaining life of the various components. Third, if a home is in the process of being bought or sold, a professional inspector will provide reports and certificates that can be invaluable during negotiations and prevent unexpected problems in the future.

During the inspection, the contractor will evaluate and assess many different things. This is where each home and situation tends to differ.

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The type of roofing material, for example, will determine what the inspector looks for when assessing life expectancy and damage. Evaluating the granules on a shingle roof will tell the inspector how long they'll remain effective. Looking for rot in wooden shakes determines their life expectancy. Fiberglass shingles must be checked for cracks while rust is the age identifier in a metal roof. All of this not only affects how the inspector works, but it can also alter the cost of the inspection.

Other areas the inspector will look at also vary depending on the design of the home. The roof structure from the outside is a major concern. This includes nearly all of the aspects of a roof system that keep water from entering the home. The inspector will look at sagging and deformation, rotted or malfunctioning flashing and water resistive barriers around chimneys and other penetrations and any staining or rot in the fascia or soffit.

Moving inside, the inspector looks for stains and damage in the attic and other rooms. They also check around doors and windows for dampness. Any signs found in the attic will be tracked downstairs to search for damage in the lower rooms.

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