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The weather can be an unpredictable factor in the reroofing of a house. During a reroofing project, a home is vulnerable because everything is exposed. The weather must be heeded in order to protect the home's interior. Additionally, certain materials cannot be installed when temperatures are too extreme. Each region has its unique weather patterns and climate. Homeowners benefit from hiring a local roofing company because they are the most experienced in working with their region's unique weather patterns. Davis roofing contractors know how to help homeowners work around the California weather to ensure that a home never experiences a day without its roof.

A roof is designed to keep moisture from destroying a home's attic insulation and interior walls. Tearing off the roof in order to install a new one leaves the attic and the home at the mercy of the elements. Conscientious roofers will often reschedule work if the chance of rain is more than 40 percent. It is better to be delayed than to take chances with a damaged home. One way that roofers avoid leaving a home in such an unprotected state is to tear off only as much as can be reinstalled in one day. This way, the home is never without its roof.

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Another way that roofing companies overcome the complications associated with pending rainfall is to use larger work crews. With larger crews, the work is often done in two days or less, making the chances that progress will be threatened by rain much smaller.

Asphalt shingles have an ideal temperature range for installation. If it is too hot or too cold, the shingles are very likely to be damaged during the installation process, which defeats the whole purpose of the reroof job. They must be installed while temperatures are above 40 degrees; otherwise, the shingles become brittle and crack while being nailed down. Cracked shingles are good for nothing but the recycling bin. If temperatures exceed 90 degrees, the shingles may become softened and rip when being walked on during the installation process. Ripped shingles are nonfunctional shingles. To combat these problems, many roofers install asphalt shingles during the cooler parts of the day. If it is not an emergency, many roofers will schedule a reroofing job during California's winter months. Damages to shingles caused by installing them under the wrong temperature conditions are only covered by the installer's workmanship warranty if one is offered.

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