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When it comes to installing or replacing gutters, there are usually a few key choices, including steel, vinyl and copper. Vinyl is far and away the most popular option because it comes in various colors and is generally affordable. Vinyl may cost half as much as similar gutters made from steel or copper might. Though there are some great benefits associated with vinyl, homeowners will also want to consider the problems commonly associated with the material. Davis roofing companies can walk homeowners through the process of selecting new gutters, give them estimates as to the cost of the job and help them select the right material for their homes.

The main benefit to vinyl gutters is the price. Manufacturers charge a rate based on the amount of linear feet needed for the job, and per linear foot, vinyl is cheaper than almost any other gutter material. That lower cost often applies to installation as well. The cost of installing vinyl gutters is usually less than the cost of installing other types of gutters. Vinyl is extremely lightweight, which lets contractors easily carry, cut the vinyl and install the gutter pieces on a home.

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As it requires little in the way of maintenance, homeowners can also save on future repairs as well.

Metal gutters are susceptible to rusting. Even when installers apply sealant to the metal, the sealant can wear off, which leads to the gutters rusting when exposed to metal. Vinyl does not rust and is not prone to other common types of damage either. Though some vinyl gutters will crack along the bottom, proper installation reduces the risk of the material cracking. Using gutter clips can reduce the weight placed on the gutters to reduce certain types of damage too.

One common problem associated with vinyl is fading. Exposure to the sun can cause the gutters to fade and look lighter or duller than they did when originally installed. Some manufacturers now make vinyl that contains chemicals designed to prevent fading. Homeowners will also find paints designed for vinyl that restore its original color and appearance.

The main problem that some have with vinyl gutters is that the gutters will not last as long as steel or copper will. However, the cost of replacing those gutters is significantly less than the cost of replacing copper or steel gutters. Many homeowners find that, even with the shortened lifespan, vinyl has more benefits than any other type of gutter material.

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