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Every home must have sufficient ventilation in order to ensure the roof's structural integrity and the comfort of the home's occupants. If there is not enough venting of the attic space, the substructure of the roof, including the rafters, trusses and peak beam may warp, weaken and become unable to support the heft of the roof. Ventilation helps to ensure that the roof lasts and protects the rest of the structure from the ravages of nature. Becoming familiar with the placement of roofing vents allows a property owner to partner with Davis roofing services to choose the best configuration of vents when a roof is repaired or replaced.

When a roof is replaced or built onto a new home, about half of the vents should be located near the ridge line, while the other half should be near the edge of the roof or along the soffits. The objective of situating the vents in this way is so that warm air can leave through the vents located near the ridge, while cool air can enter the attic space through the soffit or edge vents.

Gable end vents are another important component to the home's ventilation system.

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These vents are located at either end of the home's gables and are typically triangular in shape. The gabled vents facilitate the exiting of hot air from the attic space. Because the gable vents are attractive to birds and other animals trying to make their way inside of the home, property owners should cover the vent openings with metal nets or screening.

Soffit vents are situated along the eaves or rain gutters of the roof. They may be individual vent openings or run continuously down the length of the roof's edge. Blockage or damage of the soffits is associated with problems such as ice dams and roof leaks.

Ridge vents are the final component of a typical roofing ventilation system. These vents are shaped like small boxes or caps. Homeowners can either have them installed along the entire length of the roof's peak or at the ends. When the ridge vents are installed at either end of the roof's peak, they are referred to as ridge caps. In order to adequately ventilate the attic, there must be an equal or greater amount of soffit venting. When the cap type of ridge vent is used, an external baffle is recommended. The baffles act as a safeguard to prevent animals, insects and moisture from gaining access to the underside of the roofing material.

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