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Homeowners may be more concerned about their vehicles being damaged in a hailstorm than their rooftop. However, roof damage is actually more serious than other issues because many problems are difficult to see from ground level. Residents can inspect their vehicles from top to bottom, but they need a Davis roofing professional to see all the subtle damage that can wear a roof down quickly over the years.

A common type of hail damage is indentations. Depending on the hail's diameter, these indentations could be small or large. They can even be described as craters when large enough. If roofers find extensive indentations across the shingles, they usually need to be replaced. When homeowners leave these materials alone, they break down at an accelerated pace and cause potential leaks to the interior.

One of the main reasons to hire an experienced roofer for a hail damage inspection is subtle cracks or missing pieces. The roof could appear fine from the ground, but contractors can pinpoint tiny changes in the shingles' structures such as hairline cracks. The damage may not be severe at this point, but the roof holds the potential for major leaks in the future.

Hail also causes shingles to lose their protective outer layer. This exterior layer usually holds granules that provide a visual aesthetic and moisture conduits, moving rain to the ground below.

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When homeowners see granules are falling to the ground, this is an indication of shingle decay. The roofing materials will eventually lose all their granules, exposing the lower layers to ultraviolet radiation. With sunlight breaking the materials down further, the home is vulnerable to accelerated moisture damage. Roofers must replace all deteriorating shingles as soon as possible.

Although main roofing materials are the major concern after a hailstorm, contractors must also inspect other accessories across the surface. They examine flashing at valleys and peaks, along with any penetrations. In particular, roofers look for any flashing failure around penetrations such as skylights. Hail may damage the protective materials around skylight frames, allowing moisture into the home. Roofing vents and pipes are other inspection areas that must be confirmed so contractors have a solid estimate of all damages after a hailstorm.

Only experienced contractors can see all these damages with one inspection. Homeowners should choose a roofer with many years of weather damage experience. Online reviews tell residents about the benefits and drawbacks of all companies, so use this information to find a strong roofing partner and build a relationship for structural stability.

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