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There may come a time when homeowners desire more living space in their home. While adding onto the home is certainly possible, there are zoning restrictions that can make it difficult to complete the project. In these cases, some turn to their attic. While converting an attic is still a large project, the results can be worthwhile. Homeowners should consult a Davis roofing contractor when determining if converting the attic space is possible.

One of the first things that needs to be considered is the area's building codes. The ceiling codes provide the minimum height of the attic ceiling. The joist codes determine the amount of weight the floor joists can hold. If it is desired to turn the attic into another bedroom, the homeowner will also have to follow egress codes. This means that an attic bedroom must have two exists and a staircase to the level below.

If the building codes permit the attic renovation, the next step is to look at the structural framing of the home. If the home has rafters, an open space is already available, and the attic transformation should be relatively easy. If the home has trusses, however, the roof structure may have to be altered. This means that they may have to be cut through and shored up.

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Depending on the home, this may not be worth the effort. The proper insulation will also need to be installed.

Homeowners will also have to consider how to extend electrical systems into the space. This may mean adding additional breakers to handle the additional electricity running through the home. Depending on what the desired outcome is, the homeowner may also wish to extend the plumbing system to support a new bathroom. The HVAC system, which includes the air conditioner and heater, will also need to be expanded to provide comfort to the top level.

Finally, the homeowner must also consider how access to the room will be provided. A ladder is usually not sufficient; a staircase must be added. Because this takes up space on the lower level, the type of staircase must be chosen carefully. If the style of the building permits, an outdoor staircase may be a solution. However, a roofer will need to determine if this is possible depending on the roof style.

An attic conversion takes many different professionals to complete, including architects, electrical contractors and roofing contractors. Once the project is completed, the homeowner will have extra living space to use as he or she pleases.

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