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With an architecturally beautiful appearance, coupled with supreme protection and durability, the clay roof is the perfect material for a variety of homes. Clay roofing offers great protection from severe weather, but it also sets off the style of the home. As a result, the clay roof will increase property value, and it will last far longer than virtually any other material on the market. Speaking with a Davis roofing professional about options in clay tile roofing is a smart choice.

The initial expense is perhaps the largest hindrance to using a clay roof versus other materials. While they are more expensive to purchase and install, they are still a wonderful investment for a variety of reasons. Clay roofing will last up to and over, in many cases, a century before replacement is needed. When compared to a 20 year asphalt roof, the initial expense seems to be more of a bargain. With proper attention and care, clay roofs may far outlast the age of the building with which they sit upon.

Concrete tile is a product very similar to tile. It has the same look and provides the same high level of protection as clay.

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Concrete is less expensive than clay, but it still has a higher price than other products on the market. The downside to concrete tiles are their lifespan. They last approximately half as long as clay roofs, or about 50 years. Available in many colors and different textural appearance, they are also quite beautiful and very easy to maintain.

Clay and concrete tile are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. These tiles insulate in any climate. In hot weather, the heat is trapped in the tile itself and does not transfer to the interior of the home. The same happens during extreme cold weather. Added energy efficiency puts less strain on the heating and air systems and translates to energy savings. Environmentally, these materials can be recycled into new roofing materials once they have reached the end of their lives. Their longevity alone has environmental value in keeping materials out of landfills.

Finally, clay and concrete tile roofing is easy to maintain. They withstand high wind, debris, hail and other severe weather. When properly installed, the need for repair will be rare or potentially non existent. Clay and concrete materials are resistant to mold, and they will never rot. Speaking with a roofing professional about options available in clay or concrete tile is a great first step toward having a beautiful new roof.

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