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Sun tunnels, or tubular skylights, are a popular alternative to traditional skylights. Sun tunnels work by placing a window on the roof and then using an internally reflective tube to guide the natural light into the home's interior. Many Davis roofing companies that install skylights also install sun tunnels. There are many reasons that a sun tunnel might be a better choice than a skylight.

Sun tunnels are less expensive than traditional skylights. They don't require framing in a light shaft from the interior, and they are much smaller and lighter, so they need significantly less labor to install. All in all, a professionally installed a sun tunnel typically costs about half as much as installing a traditional one.

Because of their smaller size and space requirements, sun tunnels can be placed in smaller rooms than traditional skylights. This makes them an excellent candidate for placement in closets, laundry rooms, and hallways.

Sun tunnels are unobtrusive. From the exterior, they look like a small dome on the roof. They are less noticeable than many vent pipes and vent fans. From the interior, they resemble recessed can lights and can very easily be incorporated into a home's interior design scheme.

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Each sun tunnel is a sealed unit. Their design allows them to bring in the sun's natural light without the solar heat gain that can accompany some traditional skylights. This design also prevents condensation from forming on the skylight and dripping into the room where they are installed, a complaint of some single pane traditional skylights.

A sun tunnel's solar tube is flexible. This means that it can be bent around attic obstructions like rafters and vent pipes. Additionally, this flexibility allows the exterior portion of the sun tunnel to be placed where it can collect the most light, such as a south facing roof slope, while the interior portion is placed where the homeowner desires.

Like traditional skylights, sun tunnels save homeowners money on their electric bill by eliminating the need for artificial lights during the day. Because there is no heat gain to be offset by the air conditioning, the savings is realized even more.

Like traditional skylights, professional installation is preferred to a DIY installation. This is because installing a sun tunnel requires cutting a hole in the roof. All roofing perforations require experts who will not cut a hole that is too large and who know the proper flashing techniques to prevent leaking.

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