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If a homeowner hears scampering and scratching coming from the attic area of their home, there is a high probability that pests have made entry through the roof. Not only does this lead to a troublesome mess inside of the attic, but it can also lead to significant damage to the roof. The types of pests that can invade a roof run the gamut from birds to squirrels, raccoons to bats and bees to ants. Once discovered in an attic, pests need to be removed, and the roof needs to be repaired to avoid another infestation. A Davis roofing professional can assess the roof for entry points for pests and repair the roof as needed.

Squirrels are a common uninvited guest in the home. They will almost always enter the home at roof level, with late summer and early winter being the peak times of year for squirrels to gain access. They can crawl in where there is damaged flashing and in areas where house siding meets the soffits. Vents that don't have screens allow squirrels effortless entry. Typically, a female will go inside of the attic to build a nest and give birth to her young.

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The best way to solve a problem with squirrel infestation is with humane trapping, removal and relocation of the squirrels. Humane cage traps can be baited with peanut butter or whole peanuts for the best results.

It is imperative to remove squirrels from the attic because they not only create a lot of waste, but they can also be extremely destructive. They are always gnawing and chewing and they will cause damage to wood, insulation and electrical wires. Consequently, they can cause electrical outages and even create fire hazards when exposed wires come into contact with wood or any other flammable material. In addition, if there happen to be PVC water pipes in the attic, squirrels can easily chew through them and create leaks.

To prevent squirrels from returning, the most essential thing to do is to seal all entry points. Put screens on vents and repair any openings in the roof. Also, trim down any overhanging tree branches that can serve as bridges to the roof. A typical recommendation is that any tree branches should be at least seven feet away from the roof. If there have been problems in the past with animals infiltrating the attic, walk around the house once a month to check for any access points or signs that an animal is trying to gain entry. Taking preventative measures will help to keep out squirrels and other pests.

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