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Roof inspections in spring help prevent damages to a home, but they're also essential to helping a property look its very best. Not only does winter ravage the exterior of homes in most places, but spring also brings its own challenges for keeping things tidy and secure. While homeowners can perform these checks on their own, it's important for them to take place on the roof to really see what's going on. It's the smaller, harder to notice issues that often lead to problems.

Gutters are a major concern during spring because of the amount of rain it's likely to bring. Clogged gutters and downspouts lead to pools of water on the roof and around the base of a home. This can damage a structure's foundation, weaken a roof and lead to increased mold and moss growth. Davis roofing companies can easily replace damaged gutters or install gutter guards capable of keeping drainage flowing.

Moss on its own isn't that destructive, but it does look unsightly. Homeowners may be tempted to power wash it away, but that is almost guaranteed to damage the shingles and other materials on a roof. Instead, homeowners can install copper or zinc runners to the ridgeline of the roof. These will disrupt the conditions needed for moss to grow and thrive, while many of the chemicals on the market are ineffective and run the risk of staining.

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Mold from the roof can eventually move over into the interior of your home, and it's just as dangerous as it is ugly. Professional roofers often have access to special products needed for mold remediation, though homeowners can try a mix of copper sulfate or bleach. Once the growth is removed, homeowners may need to replace shingles or sheathing to avoid future problems.

Common debris, such as leaves or twigs, should be removed as soon as possible. Leaving these types of things on the roof is what leads to mold growth. They can also clog or damage gutters, create nasty odors, and invite vermin and pests to a home.

Finally, with spring comes new growth. Trees sprout, and those new twigs and vines can scrape against shingles. They don't have to be big enough to gouge a roof to make an impact. By removing the protective granules on the shingles, these young branches can significantly shorten the life and performance of a roof.

Inspections should be performed twice a year and again following major storms. Many problems, such as mold or loose shingles, get progressively worse over time. Homeowners should try to catch them early on for maximum security and curb appeal.

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