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In California, heavy storms may seem like a dream come true, but just because summer storms are welcome does not mean they aren't capable of doing significant damage to homes. Aside from damage caused by heavy rainfall, wind can cause also cause problems. At speeds greater than 50 miles per hour, elements of Davis roofing, such as gutters and shingles, can be ripped from their moorings. Here are some tips on how homeowners should inspect their homes for possible storm damage.

Homeowners should start from the top and work down. If the home has an attic, it should be inspected for leaks, stains and water damage to the walls, insulation and window treatments. This inspection should be extended to the entire top floor, even on a ranch style home. Any sign of leakage or water damage means that roof repairs may be imminent.

From outside the house, there may be visible signs of damage such as loose or detached shingles, missing pieces of metal facing, and damage or debris near the chimney. Obvious hail damage includes dents or dimples in the roof or in the house siding, especially if the siding is aluminum. Those inspecting their homes should also keep an eye out for damage, dents and missing parts caused by collisions with flying debris or falling tree branches.

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Safety should always be a priority in storm damage inspections. One of the worst decisions commonly made by homeowners after storms is climbing out onto the roof to check for damage. If it is likely that high winds, rain or hail have compromised the roof structure, the roof may not be safe to walk on. Homeowners are the susceptible to slipping on loose shingles and risk electrocution from exposed wiring.

The soundest choice to make after a severe storm is to call in trained professionals to do a damage evaluation. Depending on insurance coverage, the insurance company may have its own engineers or assessors come onsite to verify property damage and water infiltration. A professional can lend a trained eye for subtle damage that a layperson might not spot on his own. The assessor will provide an estimate of the damages, as well as a report of what needs to be repaired. Proper roofing can make all the difference in the long term value of a house by protecting its structural integrity, so necessary repairs should not be put off, even if they appear minor.

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