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Adding traditional solar panels to a rooftop used to be expensive and difficult on older roofing materials. Homeowners with green intentions usually chose a ground panel installation, taking precious space away from the yard for energy production. Local Davis roofing professionals have an easier way to bring solar energy into the average household. Solar tiles are roofing materials and solar panels all wrapped into one assembly to protect the home and generate electricity simultaneously.

Solar roofing materials are understandably more expensive than concrete tiles, for example. Homeowners may be concerned about covering the entire roof with solar technology, but it's not necessary to use these materials everywhere. Contractors calculate how much energy the household requires and compare that to solar tile capacities. Most homes simply need one or two areas of solar tiles while using traditional materials elsewhere.

The roof won't have a patchwork quilt appearance with the solar tiles in one or two sections. Manufacturers know homeowners still need to maintain an aesthetically pleasing structure, so other roofing materials simply blend into the solar array with a seamless look. For example, solar tiles lay flush on the roof deck.

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Contractors layer all roofing materials like a traditional installation, allowing the solar and regular tiles to flow visually together. From the ground, the solar materials simply have a slightly more metallic appearance than the surrounding tiles.

The entire solar array connects directly to the home's main electrical panel. Once installed, there's no difference for homeowners when they turn on a lamp or TV program. The electricity flows to all outlets and appliances as necessary, but it's just generated differently. Any extra electricity is easily sold back to the electrical company in some areas. Families who conserve could barely have any electrical costs with solar installed.

Homeowners may notice a big difference in installation pricing when comparing panels to tiles. Instead of paying for a new roof and separate solar panel configuration, residents only invest in the rooftop itself. There is no extra weight from panel supports above the roof, making any future maintenance inspections simple for professionals. In the past, panels had to be removed to even visually inspect shingles below during routine roofer visits.

These ingenious solar roof tiles require specialized training to install. Before agreeing to any contracts, research the installation company's background. They should have factory training and past clients with successful installations as references. When installed by trained professionals, solar tile roofs last as long as traditional shingles.

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