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Homeowners aren't limited to solar panels anymore because roof tiles are becoming more widespread in the industry. These attractive tiles look just like standard ceramic products but come with embedded electronics. When Davis roofing professionals visit a property for a new roof estimate, they'll explain the basics of electronic components and their sunlight conversion process. Homeowners should also understand that electrical wiring must be connected as an added installation step to place the entire property on sunlight energy.

As roofers install solar roof tiles, they'll strategically link all the pieces with their electrical cables. These lines are insulated and strong, allowing them to snake together under the entire roof assembly. They actually culminate into one wire at the roof's edge, giving contractors a simple connection to the home below. If one tile breaks down over time, however, the remaining tiles still function and provide power. A roofer should replace the bad tile to keep the entire system working smoothly.

The wire extending into the home from the solar tiles connects directly to the main electrical panel. Before the installation, however, contractors must verify that the electrical panel is updated. Some older properties could have panels that can't handle the extra power input from the solar array. If an update is warranted, an electrician's expertise is often added to the estimate.

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With a dedicated circuit and updated panel, solar roof tiles can be integrated into the home's electrical use almost immediately.

All homes have different power needs, from air conditioning to laundry system use. Solar roof tiles can power some or all of the home based on the contractor's installation configuration. As solar power is connected to the electrical panel, specific household items are designated for the free electricity as contractors arrange the circuits. If the entire home can be powered with the array, the panel doesn't have much more configuring needed on the contractor's part.

Contractors often visit the home several times after a solar roof tile installation. They'll verify the tiles are working correctly and that the electric company is appropriately crediting the home. Ideally, the home should have a credit on their energy bill each month.

If homeowners are concerned about severe weather and potential solar roof tile damage, they'll be pleased to know these materials are made of strong thermoplastic polymers. Although major damage can still occur to any rooftop, solar roof tiles are designed for standard weathering and aging. These tiles can still protect the home while providing free electrical energy.

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