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Environmentally conscious homeowners may actually put off their roofing project because of concerns over waste and material optimization. Not all roofing material has to enter landfills because recyclers today have a better solution. Shingles are perfect products to use for roadway applications, such as asphalt laying. Homeowners can work with a Davis roofing professional to understand how shingle recycling works on their next roof project.

Aside from convenience, choosing a local recycler is important to remain environmentally conscious. A facility many miles away only adds to fuel costs and emission exhaust into the atmosphere with roofers hauling shingles far away. When homeowners discuss recycling shingles during roofing negotiations, the contractor should verify the closest recycler. Homeowners can even take part in this research to make the project as environmentally healthy as possible.

As the project commences, homeowners should see roofers dividing out materials the moment they remove them. Shingles, underlayment and flashing shouldn't be piled into one large area. Roofers on the ground must organize these items into separate piles so that recycling processes can be streamlined. Sifting through hundreds of pounds of roofing material is a huge job at day's end if organization isn't followed precisely.

Although some shingle recyclers take nails within the material, contractors normally use a magnetic tool to remove them entirely.

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Nails cannot be reused on a new roof project, but they must still be removed for safety reasons. Contractors use the magnetic tool to find all nails in the shingle pile and continue around the yard. Rogue nails easily fall into lawns, creating possible injury for residents. A magnetic tool is crucial for safety amongst residents and workers.

If roofers must remove flashing and cannot reuse it, there are metal recyclers that can take the material. Flashing is often fabricated at the property to conform perfectly to a new roof installation. Old flashing that doesn't work for the installation's needs is piled separately from the shingles and taken to a facility as scrap. Recyclers melt the metal down, allowing it to be reused for other industry purposes.

There are a few materials that cannot be reused or recycled on a roofing project. Underlayment should be discarded so that the roof deck can have a brand new water resistant layer. Some recyclers can take underlayment, such as old fashioned roofing felt, but most facilities specialize in shingles. However, homeowners are contributing significantly to a greener Earth by just recycling shingles across their entire roof.

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