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Roofing jobs range from very basic patches to full roof replacements that include major changes to the shape or materials used to top off a home. It's important to work with materials from a trusted shingle manufacturer. Some companies have made it very easy for homeowners to select just the right style, color and quality level needed for their property, so every dollar spent on materials is put to its best use.

This is important too. Roofs are one of the largest features of a home, and they're responsible for protecting structures and for forming people's opinions. A slanted, uneven or mismatching roof does not give potential buyers or neighbors a good impression. On the flip side, a beautifully installed Davis roofing job with upgraded shingles can make a real statement while also keeping mold and pests out. Using quality materials can make or break this type of home improvement.

Manufacturers can help homebuyers first by providing training services to commercial partners. Companies and contractors can be thoroughly trained on all the products a company offers. These service providers are also kept up to date on the latest materials to reach the market. For instance, recently GAF began to offer a very realistic shingle replica of European tile. It's the first of its kind in the industry and offers homeowners a massive reduction in cost when compared to installing real tile.

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Secondly, companies often use online and mobile tools that make it easy for homeowners to select the right materials for a job. These allow for browsing pictures of current products or the ability to mix and match features on typical home design. Advanced programs even allow users to upload photos of their own homes that can then be modified using the company's product line. Unfortunately, color and texture can vary quite a bit from real life to computer, so it's still important for homeowners to see samples in person before making an order.

Besides improved installer training and shingle quality and design, trusted shingle manufacturers also provide customers with product warranties. Options range from manufacturer warranties to comprehensive coverage for manufacturing defects and contractor errors.

Selecting the right shingles for a home can be as simple or complex as homeowners would like. They can be completely involved in every step of a re roofing job, or they can ask a trusted roofing professional to make those decisions. The fact is that the Internet has made it possible for consumers to completely customize the process from beginning to end.

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