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From protecting against intruders to boosting curb appeal, the roof is really a multifunctional element of a home. Consider, for instance, how a functioning and secure roof protects against common vermin and pests. A Davis roofing company can protect a home from unwanted guests and their associated risks.

Whether it's carpenter bees, mosquitoes and even ants, a secure roof prevents all kinds of insects from getting indoors. This requires a certain eye for detail, as even a cracked shingle can give small bugs the room they need to make a new home for themselves. Here, they can thrive and grow in number, becoming a threat to people in and around the structure.

Termites, however, are one of the most invasive problems homeowners endure. Moist wood is a beacon that attracts them from high and low. If a roof is compromised and the sheathing underneath has been exposed to rain, it's only a matter of time before termites come calling. This can lead to serious damage as termites chew their way through building materials and support beams, but the damage to a home's reputation can be worst of all. Once word gets around that termites are a problem, it can become very difficult to sell. Obviously, pest prevention is important for many reasons, but caring for a roof can go a long way towards ensuring that bugs aren't a problem.

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Unfortunately, other outdoor visitors like the roof too. Raccoons, mice and other vermin are drawn to leaves and debris found in gutters, piling inside of hard to reach places on the roof. These animals, along with bats and birds, search out missing shingles and open spaces in a roof to use for shelter. They can use those areas to get inside your home, and from there, pests can pose serious dangers.

Pests can not only spread disease or attack out of fear, but they're also often drawn to wiring and can bite through electric cords. These can cause fires in the attic or the walls of a home. In these spaces, fires are sheltered from smoke detectors until they're out of control.

Roof inspections are essential to identifying and fixing potential pest risks. Cracked and missing shingles, slipped flashing and gaps at penetration points are the worst offenders. Vents should remain securely capped, and trees should be trimmed back enough to stay off the roof. Homeowners can do much of this work themselves, but those who are experiencing chronic problems should call in professionals.

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