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When a new roof is needed, it is important to take the time of year and prevalent weather patterns into consideration. Inclement weather can cause costly slowdown in the work being done. Temporary roof coverings, such as tarps, that the roofers will use can be inadequate to keep moisture from the wood decking. This can lead to rot and mold that will require more expensive repairs to remove.

Davis roofing professionals keep a close eye on the weather. They always attempt to schedule projects for the clearest weather conditions. Even when they are working and have the most up to date forecast available, they keep an eye out for incoming, ominous looking clouds. They will be ready to drop everything at the first sign of raindrops and quickly cover all of the still exposed areas. They will also race to get their equipment to shelter, as it is often very expensive and can suffer damage from exposure.

Customers need to keep these facts in mind when they are planning for their project. Early spring is often not a good time of year to begin roofing jobs. The weather is often rainy and subject to storms.

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The fall and winter months can be too cold to do a proper job. Shingles become brittle in colder weather, making them harder to work with and easy to damage. They also require warmer temperatures for the asphalt shingles to bond together and properly protect a roof. Until they do, they will be subject to damage from even moderate winds lifting and tearing them.

Moisture is also the reason that roofers frequently do not start work early in the mornings during spring and early summer. The moisture from the morning dew can interfere with the bonding process. It can also become trapped under the shingles and lead to the water damage that a roof is meant to avoid. Roofers will wait to begin work until this moisture has evaporated for the day. Later in the summer, dew is not as much of an issue. Roofers can begin earlier and work longer hours. Later in the year, the project will be finished faster.

It is always best for the customer to heed the recommendations of the roofing contractor when it comes time for scheduling the project. They have the experience to know when the best time to install a new roof will be. This will lead to a faster completion and a more pleasant experience for the customer.

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