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When people think about saving money on their energy bills, they often think of replacing their roof coverings with materials that are more energy efficient such as metal, which reflects sunlight and has poor thermal insulation, reducing energy bills. However, there are other roofing fixtures that Davis roofing experts can install to save homeowners even more money. One example is skylights, which are designed to let more natural light into a home, reducing the amount of artificial light required.

The main reason for having skylights professionally installed by a roofer is to add natural light into a room, making it easy for the homeowner to make the roof work as a major platform for energy conservation in combination with the right roof covering. The trick is figuring out how many skylights can be placed in a roof without hurting its structural integrity. According to roofing experts, the number, size and type of skylights that work best in a house is determined by the size of the house and the slope of the roof.

However, even homes without much roof space can increase the amount of light let in by choosing dome or tube skylights. These are designed to funnel more of the outside light inside.

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The amount of light that reaches floor level is known as the effective skylight to floor area ratio. In general, dome skylights provide nearly three times more light than traditional flat skylights. Even in areas where the climate is usually overcast or the skylights face away from the sun most of the day, the dome variety can make the most out of the bit of light they do receive.

Roofers typically use SkyCalc to determine the right number of skylights to use. This is a tool developed by Energy Design Resources, and it takes into account the size and number of skylights needed as well as the upfront cost. However, the most important aspect of this tool is that it can give homeowners a rough estimate of how much money they could save by installing skylights. The documents produced by SkyClac can be overwhelming to some homeowners because each evaluation is usually eight pages long. Thankfully, they can rely on their roofers to read through and understand the SkyClac estimate.

Although skylights cost money to install, they usually pay for themselves within four to seven years based on the average money that the homeowners save on their energy bills. After the skylights have paid for themselves, the homeowners can enjoy a return on their investment. This investment can be doubled when paired with an environmentally friendly roof.

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