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Although roofs many appear to have a closed or airtight structure, they must also have a strong ventilation system to reduce stress across all layers. When a Davis roofing professional evaluates a roof for basic repairs, they'll also inspect the ventilation system to improve or clean it out.

All basic roofing vents have a covering called louvers. These slats allow air to flow unimpeded through the roof system without admitting any foreign objects. However, these slats can get clogged over time. Any minor blockages create poor air flow, increasing temperatures across the roof and contributing to accelerated aging. Contractors must remove any blockages and verify strong air flow with preventive maintenance appointments.

Vents aren't just located randomly around the rooftop. Incoming air normally flows from the roof's base or soffit. The soffit is the underside of the roof's eave, creating a sheltered space perfect for an incoming air vent. Highly skilled contractors locate all soffit vents quickly to examine them before moving onto other roof ventilation areas.

Exhaust vents are normally located at the roof ridge. Air moving out of the roof system is perfectly located at the ridge because it creates a positive flow against any incoming rainwater. If air flowed into the home from the top, it would be accompanied by some moisture, subsequently damaging the structure.

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Most air moving up through the soffit vents eventually heats up as it passes near the roof, allowing warm air to use its rising nature while exiting the ridge vents with no help from fans or other mechanics. Roofers simply verify the ridge vents are clear and working in conjunction with the soffit vents for a sound system.

Although roof penetrations aren't ventilating the deck directly, pipes moving exhaust air out of bathrooms and kitchens helps the entire home remove moist and warm air efficiently. If there was limited pipe penetrations within the rooftop, humid air would become trapped in the living space and seep into the attic. Condensation and other damaging moisture could affect the roof from the interior as a result. Roofers check for these vents too as part of a normal service call.

If a home has some previous alterations, such as finishing an attic, the structure's roof ventilation may not be updated. During the next preventive maintenance appointment, homeowners should point out any new remodeling projects so contractors can match ventilation standards to the unique household layout. Proper ventilation through box vents only increases roof lifespans even with strong weathering.

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