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When an asphalt shingle roof needs to be replaced, one of the considerations that a homeowner must make is whether to have a second layer of shingles laid on top of the first layer or to have the worn out roofing torn off and fully replaced. There are pros and cons to both choices. Davis Roofing experts assess each roofing situation to work with the property owner in deciding the optimal method for the residence.

If the roofers feel that the roof can support a second layer of shingles, the homeowner may opt for the overlay. Two layers of asphalt shingles are heavy and place considerable pressure on the roof's trusses, rafters and joists. So long as these materials can support the weight, an overlaid roof is generally less costly than a complete tear off of the old shingles and laying down of a new roof.

If any of the first layer of shingles are curled, bent or broken, these will need to be trimmed or otherwise fixed before a second layer of shingles can be added on top of them. Even during an overlay process, the home will need to have new flashing installed as well as new roofing nails. Most of the decrease in costs will only be a result of the labor savings of not needing to tear off the old shingles.

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Some city codes and insurance companies require special inspections of homes with two layers of shingles before such projects can proceed or before the homeowner's insurance policy can be renewed.

In most cases, homeowners benefit from total removal of the worn out shingles and a completely new roof. Because it can be difficult for roofing installers to determine whether or not the old shingles are in a safe condition, removal can speed up the roof replacement process. Tearing off of the old shingles does not add much work time to a roofing project and can be done in one day's time for most homes.

Simply replacing the shingles does not require that any extra structural inspections take place. No additional bracing of the roof's substructure is needed and no special warranties are required in order to renew or receive a homeowner's insurance certificate. When the old shingles are torn off, the roofing experts have a chance to examine the roof's trusses and decking for weaknesses, rot, insect infestations and other problems. Any issues can be repaired before the new shingles are placed.

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