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When the roof of a home needs to be replaced, many homeowners struggle with the choice of color for the roofing materials. Whether the owners choose to use slate tiles, wooden shakes or asphalt shingles, the color of the material will play a considerable role in the structure's energy efficiency and curb appeal. Davis roofing contractors can help property owners sort through the different colors and styles of shingles and tiles when replacing a residential roof.

Neutral colors are the most popular shades for asphalt shingles, tiles and other roofing materials. Neutral colors consist of shades of beige, brown, white and gray. There are many benefits to selecting these colors, including their unobtrusive presence, the ability to complement brighter colors of exterior paint or siding and their ability to blend in with other homes in the neighborhood.

Basic black is the standard color for asphalt shingles and is typically the least expensive option as well. However, a solid black roof may cause a home's summertime energy consumption to be much greater than that of a home with a different color of shingles. This is because the black asphalt absorbs the sun's radiant heat rather than reflecting and emitting it back into the environment.

Some homeowners select bright and bold colors for their roofs.

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A Kelly green shade suggests vibrancy, while bright shades of red invoke feelings of energy. On the other hand, these colors may make a home stand out too much compared to neighboring homes using neutral or black roofing. When a property owner plans to own the home for many more years, choosing a favorite vibrant color adds a personal and fun touch to the structure, even if others don't approve of the color scheme.

Another method of roofing color selection that is often frowned upon by real estate and roofing professionals is getting an exact match and creating a monochromatic look with the home's siding or paint. Too much of the same color may make a home look like an incongruous blob rather than an appealing abode.

Ultimately, the best way for a homeowner to choose the color of their roofing material is to bring home samples of each shade under consideration. Each sample should then be viewed under different lighting conditions while being held against the home's primary exterior surfaces. Doing this allows the property owner to get a clear picture of what the finished project will look like and whether or not the chosen color coordinates well with the home's style.

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