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Severe storms occur in almost every corner of the globe, making it critical for structures to have the strongest materials affixed to their exterior for protection. Roofs face the brunt of high winds, hail and rain, so damage at the shingle level is possible even with moderate storms. If homeowners suspect damage as a storm moves through the area, Davis roofing professionals are available to react as quickly as possible to secure the structure and repair it when safe to do so.

The moment roof concerns occur in the household, it's important to contact professionals immediately. Homeowners must have an emergency number for a trusted professional. Ideally, residents should already have a contractor picked out for basic preventive maintenance, so an emergency call isn't to a random company. These emergency calls might be routed to a cellphone, office or answering service. Even if it's the middle of the night, experienced contractors have some communication platform to serve their customers.

Most contractors will visit the property within a 24 hour period. They prioritize all calls based on damage severity. When stormy conditions are still present, contractors devise a protection plan to cover the damaged area temporarily.

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Roofers cannot work on a slick rooftop with possible thunderstorms above them, for example. They might cover the damaged area with a tarp until they can truly repair the area safely and securely.

Even if a roof appears to have a lot of damage, contractors will examine the entire surface to verify repair or replacement strategies. In many cases, shingles simply need to be replaced in patches. Contractors remove, inspect and replace damaged shingle sections as necessary. Storm damage that appears severe from the ground could be relatively isolated to just one area.

When damage is widespread across the entire rooftop, replacement processes are normally estimated. If shingle repair patches are attempted, leaks could still infiltrate the home because of extensive damage. Contractors will quote a property for the replacement roof, allowing homeowners to think about their options. In many cases, insurance covers much of this cost when storms are the reason for damages. Replacement roofs come with a limited warranty, so it's beneficial in the long run to invest in new materials.

During a storm damage assessment, roofers also check all adjacent roofing components to ensure proper operation for future storms. Homeowners should notice professionals examining gutters, soffits and even attic components. Even the roof's ridge board could be damaged, creating structural instability until replaced with new lumber.

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