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When homeowners hire Davis roofing professionals to work on a new installation, those workers will be at the property for at least a few days. It's normal for residents to be concerned about courtesies while workers are on their property, from offering cool drinks to asking questions about the work. Homeowners should be aware of certain courtesies while workers complete a project, creating an amicable working atmosphere.

Before workers even arrive at the job site, remove all vehicles from driveways or garages. Park them in a neighbor's driveway or around the block. Contractors need some parking room on the street to keep their service vehicles close to the project. If residents must leave during the day, they can walk out to their car. Leaving any valuables in the driveway or along the exterior pathways makes them vulnerable to possible damage.

Roofing projects generate a lot of dust, so close all windows for the entire workday. Residents can even run their air conditioner if necessary. Unlock doors for contractor access into the attic, however. Workers shouldn't have to search for the homeowner to unlock a door because it only hinders a streamlined project timeline. Residents can ask workers to knock and announce themselves when they need access, giving homeowners notice of their presence inside the home.

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The home's roof pitch may appear steep, so many residents offer workers their ladders or other tools to access the rooftop. Although this courtesy is thoughtful, contractors must use their own tools. If a homeowner's ladder is faulty, for instance, it could injure the worker. Lawsuits could stem from this incident, making it crucial for workers to simply use their own tools. Roofers usually work with industrial tools made especially for their application.

Roofing work is fascinating to watch, but interrupting workers throughout the day with questions only extends the project's timeline. Hold all basic questions until the workday is finished. Seek out the on site supervisor to learn all the desired answers. Supervisors should be happy to explain any roofing strategies to homeowners to build a strong relationship.

Homeowners can make the rules around their property, such as lunchtime eating areas for workers, but these stipulations should be in the roofing contract. Before signing any agreement, add in break time basics. If residents don't want workers eating lunch on the lawn, it must be listed in the contract. When workers understand their limits at the property, they'll abide by the rules.

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