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Homeowners stress over warped or missing shingles letting moisture into their homes, but because wind damage is less common, the risks can go ignored. If built to code, a roof will withstand typical winds for an area, but professional installation really shines during severe storms. Trained and experienced professionals have performed the repairs needed after winds rip up a roof, so they often know where roofing needs extra reinforcement.

These high pressure points aren't always easy to determine. For instance, Davis roofing experts know that the peak of a roof is likely to experience the least problems during a storm. It is the edges, and particularly the corners, that are under an extreme amount of stress.

The surrounding elements also have a big impact on whether a roof will experience more positive or negative pressure during a storm. These differences determine whether the underside or surface of the roof needs the most protection. Once shingles become loose, they allow for increased suction or pushing pressure to build. Damages can quickly progress, and in severe weather, a wind damaged roof is at risk for failure.

Homeowners should look for sheets of shingles, starting at the edge of a roof or where one roofing panel connects to another. These sheets quickly grow in size until they can be completely cleared in one strong gust.

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This leaves the sheathing exposed to wind and rain damage as well. Special architectural flourishes, such as ballasts, can also be moved by the wind, creating gaps in coverage as well as impacting the effectiveness of flashing and other roofing elements that do manage to stay in place.

Sometimes, it's not so much the wind that causes problems but the debris blown around during a storm. Objects blown around can scratch and puncture the shingles or sheathing. It's very rare for a roof to become completely compromised and blow off a structure, even during a tornado, but total replacement can still be needed if branches and other heavy things come into contact with a roof. Unfortunately, this may not be evident to a homeowner after a storm until water starts to seep in.

The wind is one of the biggest threats to a roof. It also tends to be the kind of damage that progressively gets worse if it goes ignored. Roof inspections performed at least twice a year, especially after big storms, help identify problems before they lead to interior damage or the need for a complete roof replacement.

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