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When a homeowner is assessing the condition of their roof, water leaks are the most obvious problem that comes to mind. Although often overlooked, the ventilation and insulation of a roofing system is also crucial for getting the most value out of a roof.

Without proper ventilation, a homeowner can start to see mold growth, rotting, deterioration of shingles and damage to roof decking, which is the basic structure of the roof itself. All of these issues can lead to considerable damage and expense. Simply put, an attic needs to be able to breathe. Roof vents and an attic fan are the key components of a properly vented attic.

It's also very important to have an attic correctly insulated. This helps to lower energy bills in the home, and it also protects the roofing system when used in tandem with a ventilation system. Roof insulation can be added when a new home is being built or when replacing the roof of an existing home. Davis roofing professionals can make sure that a new roof has proper insulation and vents.

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It may seem strange to add insulation for warmth in an attic only to then allow cold air to enter through vents, but this set up is essential for a long lasting and energy efficient roofing system. Letting cold air into an attic during the winter reduces the potential for snow to melt off the roof to then refreeze in the gutters. When that happens, ice dams can form that may damage the roof. Ice dams can damage a roof because ice will completely fill the gutter and trap melted snow behind it, which will form a pool of water on the roof. That water can seep under shingles and cause damage to walls, ceilings and insulation.

Properly insulated attics will also block heat and moist air from rising up from the floors of the house below and entering the attic. During the summer, vents will move hot air out of the attic, which will protect roof shingles and get rid of moisture. The insulation will also keep hot air in the attic from transferring to the rest of the house, and will prevent the air conditioner downstairs from working to cool an unfinished attic. Since the attic will be sealed off from the rest of the home via insulation, household energy bills will be lower. By having the right ventilation and insulation in place, a homeowner can keep their roof doing its job properly for a long time to come.

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