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When a home needs to have its roof replaced, many homeowners wonder whether or not the return on investment (ROI) will be worthwhile. Another common concern of property owners is whether standard or premium grade materials should be used during the project. The ROI is of particular importance to a homeowner who plans to list the property for sale within a short amount of time after making the repairs. With guidance from Davis roofing contractors, property owners can make sound decisions about repairs and upgrades to their roofing systems.

Before listing a house for sale, most homeowners make some basic repairs and cosmetic improvements to improve the aesthetic appeal of the place. Because most property owners want to get the greatest bang for their buck, they are typically concerned about the ROI of every project. When it comes to significant home repairs, such as roof replacement, the ROI is surprisingly high.

The leading benefit of replacing a roof before listing a home for sale is that the home will look much better in photos placed on online sales pages, which is how most buyers scour listings of houses for sale.

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Many prospective buyers still engage in the age old tradition of driving by homes to be sold. The sight of a new roof will enhance the home's curb appeal both in photos and in person. Many potential buyers will not even consider purchasing a home that needs costly repairs such as a new roof. Because of this, a residence bearing a new roof will likely sell more quickly than a home with an aged, worn out roof.

Another factor in the ROI of putting a new roof on the home is the materials chosen by the property owner. Depending on the neighborhood, the standard roofing material could be asphalt shingles, slate or clay tiles, wood shakes or something else, such as a green roof. To gain the best ROI, the real estate agent may recommend using whatever is most common in the area. However, some homeowners choose to upgrade to the next best level of material. Choosing 30 year shingles instead of 20 year shingles is noteworthy enough to make a special mention of it in the property description. If the home is historical and is being restored to its original state, keeping with the tradition of wooden shakes or slate tiles is likely to boost the value and appearance of the house, garnering additional attention from interested buyers.

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