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Many homeowners are surprised to learn that roofing systems consist of more than one type of shingle. While standard, 3 tab shingles are placed along most of the roof's surfaces, specialty pieces such as hip and ridge cap shingles are used along the roof's hips and ridges, which are the roof's tallest points. If one of these shingles goes missing, it may be simple and convenient for the property owner to know how to replace it themselves. When many of these special shingles develop issues or go missing, property owners may be better off contacting a trustworthy Davis roofing contractor for an inspection and repair.

Shingle repairs should be done on a dry, cool and cloudy day. Walking on a hot roof can be painful and could damage the surface of other shingles. Hot shingles are also more difficult to remove when compared to cool ones. The first step is to safely ascend the roof and climb up to the section where the cap shingles are damaged or missing. In order to do this, the homeowner may need an extension ladder, safety harness, soft soled shoes and work gloves. The owner should also wear a helmet in case of a slip and fall. A helper on the ground should act as a spotter and be ready to call for help if needed.

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To repair a damaged ridge cap shingle, property owners will need a pry bar, nail gun, some roofing nails in the correct length, asphalt cement and a new cap shingle that matches the old one in color, texture and thickness. The first step in the repair is to use the metal bar to pry off the old shingle and its fasteners. The new shingle is slid into place and fastened to the roof using the appropriate nails. If the next shingle over needed to be lifted up in order to put the new one into place, it should be refastened as well. Finally, some roofing cement should be applied to the undersides of the repaired shingles. Then it is time to carefully climb back down the roof and descend the ladder.

Homes with roofs two stories in height or taller may be difficult to access, especially at the ridges. In these situations, the homeowner may feel safer in contacting a professional roofing contractor to perform the work. Roofers are comfortable and experienced with climbing onto steeply sloped roofs and have all the necessary safety equipment to do so in a safe manner.

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