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The average asphalt shingle roof has an anticipated life span of 20 years. But in addition to the damage that happens over time due to age and exposure, pests can also infest and cause significant damage to a roof. The good news is that when caught early, the majority of infestations can be taken care of by natural means. This will often require the use of a pest control company, but to repair any damage to the roof consider calling a Davis roofing professional for an assessment.

The type of pests that homeowners should be on the lookout for vary by region, season and the type of roofing material used. But some types of pests are common to most areas. Birds can be a real problem, especially in the springtime during nesting season. First of all, bird droppings are very acidic and can actually eat away at roofing materials, especially tar based ones, eventually leading to leaks in the roof. Second, and less obvious perhaps, is the fact that bird nests are highly flammable, and their presence can create a fire hazard. Birds often build their nests in drainpipes and the corners of roofs where drains are located. Blocked drainage systems can lead to serious roofing problems. When water has nowhere to go out of a drain it will get wicked up into roofing materials where it can cause a leak.

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Homeowners need to clean and clear their roofs regularly. Remove old bird's nests, and wash the roof of bird droppings with a hose.

Raccoons and squirrels will also cause damage to a roof. They will pull off shingles that are starting to bend. In the case of raccoons, their weight alone can damage a roof. It is even worse if they enter an attic to set up a nest. Raccoons will chew and claw through roofing to get into an attic. Keeping the home's roofing in good repair will make it more difficult for them to gain entry. An important step to take to prevent these furry creatures from accessing a roof is to trim any tree branches that overhang a house. No branches should be closer to the roof than 7 feet. There are humane traps homeowners can obtain, usually from the local humane society, which can be used to catch and release any of these unwelcome house guests.

Keeping tree branches trimmed, regularly clearing the roof of nests and droppings, and keeping the home's roof in good repair are the main steps a homeowner can take to defend against roof pests like birds, raccoons and squirrels.

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