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Maintaining the condition of a commercial or residential property's roof is imperative to the aesthetic look of the property, its value, and the repair and maintenance needs of the building over time. In addition, this can also impact energy efficiency in the building. However, some property owners are not certain when they need to contact a professional Davis roofing company for assistance with a repair or maintenance task or when a full replacement is needed.

A property owner may only be able to inspect the roof from ground level, but property owners may still find signs of roof damage. Property owners can walk along the perimeter of the building to conduct a quick roof inspection. If they notice that shingles or tiles are not lying flat or are missing, this is a sign that repair or replacement service is needed. They may also notice small granules from shingles amassing on the ground around the building. These are signs that the shingles have started deteriorating. If partial or full shingles or tiles are on the ground, such as after a storm, repair or replacement service is needed.

The property owner's visual examination of the property often is not enough to accurately determine if service is needed.

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A qualified inspector may inspect the roof up close to determine if any service is needed. Certified and experienced professionals can identify problem areas that property owners may not be able to see. These may be problem areas in difficult to view areas. They may also be minor issues that can easily be remedied now before they turn into a significant issue. In addition, an inspection may include a more detailed insight on specific areas of the roof. For example, a flashing inspection may be requested if a property owner believes the flashing is damaged.

Keep in mind that both new and older roofing materials can develop issues. With exposure to the sun, heavy rains, high winds, and even pests and rodents that may crawl across the building, all materials may require service periodically. As a rule of thumb, it is wise for an owner to periodically inspect the property's roof from the ground level. This can be completed after a major storm as well as several other times per year. In addition, property owners can also request a roofing inspection from a team of certified roofing professionals for a more accurate and comprehensive accounting of the roof's current needs. Because a properly functioning roof vital is to a residential or commercial building, this is a critical step to maintain the property well.

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