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It's no secret that curb appeal has a big impact on perceived home value. Nothing may impact that more than the look of a roof. Homeowners preparing to sell their home should not only make sure their roofs are in good working order, but they should also hire experienced Davis roofing companies to provide repairs so that they look their best.

The roof is the most important element of a home in terms of preventing interior damage. A leaking roof allows moisture to enter a home's hidden spaces. This moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth and compromised insulation, and it can act as a beacon in attracting pests to a property. Termites and mosquitoes, especially, can be drawn to homes with excess moisture in them.

Potential homeowners may see a damaged roof and assume related home problems are already in place. More so, they may fear the house wasn't maintained in any way and will need major repairs. Those beliefs will either drive people away or result in purchase offers that are much lower than the asking price. In addition, buyers may not qualify for FHA or VA loans for a home if the roof is more than 15 years old.

In contrast, a new roof will always support a fair asking price. In many cases, particularly if a homeowner upgrades to an architectural shingle, a new roof can add value to a home.

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Owners can't expect to get every dollar spent back from the investment, but they will not lose money either. Roof concerns are responsible for an average 5 to 7 percent decrease in home sale price.

However, a new roof shouldn't be added to a home just for the sake of preparing for a sale. Buyers expect a functional, secure structure, and many older homes have been maintained well enough to offer that without any repairs. Roof inspections can be scheduled before meeting with a Realtor to avoid any nasty surprises down the road. Once a home's current condition is established, it's easy for a selling agent to assign a fair price and make reasonable recommendations for raising it.

Another benefit of having a roof inspection done before listing a home for sale is determining whether a roof repair or replacement may be warranted by a homeowner's policy. Storm damage isn't always easy for a property owner to identify, especially from the ground. A professional inspector knows what to look for in terms of covered damages. Property owners may be surprised to learn they can get the benefit of a new roof without any major investment.

Property condition tends to trickle down. Buyers know this and are wary of purchasing a home with noticeable damage. Some may immediately write off a purchase while others will attempt to negotiate a much lower price for a home based on nothing more than mismatched shingles. Homeowners can get the very most for their property by hiring a presale inspection and discussing repairs or upgrades with a Realtor.

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