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When a homeowner is faced with the need for a new roof, they have a variety of choices. Of course, one big choice a homeowner must make is what type of roofing material they will use. The type of roofing material will play a major role in the cost of the new roof as well as in its installation.

Homeowners who have asphalt shingles on their roof will also have other options. For example, reroofing is often a popular option, especially when the homeowner is interested in cutting costs. It is not always feasible to reroof, but when it is possible, homeowners can avoid the high cost of removal and disposal of the old shingles and roofing materials. This can help them save a significant amount of money and make the installation of a new roof much more affordable.

Of course, before choosing to reroof, a homeowner should educate himself or herself regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this type of installation. A reputable Davis roofing contractor will be able to help homeowners decide if this is the right type of installation for their needs.

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Saving money is always a benefit, but the cost savings of reroofing must be weighed against some of the disadvantages. For example, reroofing helps homeowners save money because the old roofing materials are not removed. This means that the roof will have at least two layers of shingles, which can be both heavy and hot. A double layer of shingles can trap heat, increasing summer air conditioning bills and significantly reducing home comfort. Potentially higher utility bills should be considered when contemplating any savings.

Additionally, saving money today by not removing the old roof simply puts this problem off for a future date. The next time the home needs a new roof, all of the materials will need to be removed and disposed of. This can greatly impact the cost of the next roof.

Another extremely important factor that homeowners must take into consideration is the longevity of their new roof. Any new roof is going to be a big investment, so making sure it is able to deliver as many years' worth of protection as possible is essential to making sure it is cost effective. New asphalt or fiberglass shingles are manufactured with warranties that range from 20 to 30 years; however, this life expectancy can be dramatically reduced when the new shingles are laid over the old roofing shingles.

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