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People across the country keep looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to their heating and cooling bills. Though there are many things that a homeowner can do, including installing a smart thermostat or replacing the weatherstripping on their windows, many do not think about their roofs. Though roofs provide protection from rain, hail and other hazards, roofs can also lead to the temperature inside the house rising by a few degrees or even more. There are many Davis roofing companies, though, that can offer solutions and suggestions regarding roof renovations that can help local homeowners save money.

One easy way to save is with the installation of a green roof. Those who love plants and gardening might add a new rooftop garden. This isn't always feasible in California, especially as some cities impose restrictions on water usage. Those who decide on a rooftop garden will want to install some type of rainwater collection system that catches the falling rain and uses that moisture to water the garden. The plants and vegetation growing on the roof prevent it from absorbing the heat produced by the sun and sending that heat straight inside the home.

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Though temperatures in the state are often on the high side, cold streaks can still hit the town. Those cold streaks can send the temperature inside the house to below freezing. Sealing the roof is one possible solution that can halt freezing temperatures. Sealants are liquid products that contractors apply directly to the roof shingles. The shingles absorb the sealant, which creates a waterproof barrier on the outside. Any leftovers dry to the surface of the roof and prevent the roof from absorbing excess heat from the sun's rays.

One of the more popular trends among homeowners is something called a cool roof. A cool roof is essentially a roof that absorbs fewer of the sun's rays, which helps both the roof and the interior of the home feel cooler. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. Some homeowners simply add a coat of white paint to the surface of the roof. While the paint can help the roof to stay cooler, using reflective materials is a far better option. Reflective coatings and materials added to the shingles and other parts of the roof cause the roof to deflect most of the sun's rays. The less rays and heat the roof absorbs, the cooler both the roof and the interior of the house will be.

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