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One often overlooked portion of a home's roofing system is its rain gutters. The gutter components are responsible for diverting water off the roof of the house and into the downspouts, where it exits either at a distance away from the building's foundation or continues traveling through drainage pipes into the city's wastewater collection system. If the gutters become loose, damaged or clogged, the roof may begin to leak or experience structural problems. Becoming familiar with different types of gutter issues allows homeowners to arrange for repair or replacement services through Davis roofing contractors so that damage to the roof can be minimized.

One of the most common problems that homeowners find with their gutters is a clog. Gutter clogs are typically the result of debris that becomes stuck either in the horizontal portion of the gutter or in the corner near the opening to the downspout. Once every two to three months, homeowners can climb a ladder and clean out accumulated debris from the gutters. Another option is to have a type of gutter cover installed so that leaves and other items cannot collect in the gutters.

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Some buildup will still occur, as asphalt granules, dirt and other small pieces of twigs may fall through even tiny openings in a gutter guard.

Another issue that many homeowners find with their rain gutters is that the nails connecting the gutters to the home's roofline have come loose. Loosened nails allow the rainfall to miss the gutter entirely. Instead of collecting in the gutter and draining away from the base of the home, the rain falls right against the home's foundation. Over time, this can lead to cracks in the concrete foundation of the building. Homeowners can pound in the nails themselves or find a contractor to make the needed repairs.

Leaky gutter joints are another issue that may develop in rain gutters. Most gutters have seams where two pieces of metal come together. Over years of exposure to the sun, heat and rain, the sealant may degrade. Degradation of the sealant allows water to leak through the seams. The sealant can be replaced with an appropriate type of caulking. In other situations, small holes may develop in the sides or bottom of the gutters. This also causes the water to leak out in undesirable locations. Holes in gutters can be filled with caulking as well, although gutters with holes larger than the size of a dime should be totally replaced.

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