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Davis Roofing: Article About Rain Chains Vs. Downspouts

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Homeowners always seem to want elements and decorations that make their homes stand out. One way in which many California homeowners accomplished this is with the use of rain chains. Popular in parts of Asia, rain chains provide the same functions as downspouts but have a more decorative look. Homeowners can choose between different colors and materials, and some may even create their own before working with a contractor to properly install the materials on their homes. The gutters transports the water that lands on the house to the rain chain, which then carries the water further into the yard. Davis roofing companies can better explain these new products and install the rain chains too.

A common type of rain chain is one that consists of multiple terra cotta pots used together. A simple length of chain connects each pot together and allows the pots to hang decoratively from the roof or gutter. All of these designs must feature some type of drainage hole in the bottom, which keeps the water from spilling over the sides and possibly damaging the walls or foundation of the home. The excess water left in the area may even lead to insect infestations.

Though many people like the look of rain chains, they do not consider what they need before replacing a downspout.

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When installing a rain chain, contractors need some type of collection system and some type of drainage system. The collection system allows the water to fall directly into the top of the rain chain. A drainage system ensures that the water inside the rain chain moves out and away from the home and lawn. Some contractors may install a drain on the porch or patio below the gutter system, which helps eliminate and reduce excess moisture.

Homeowners must also keep in mind that these decorative systems require regular inspections. Everything from rain to wind can damage the pieces used in the design. High winds that cause the pieces to knock together may lead to the collection units cracking and breaking, and excessive rain can lead to rusting of the chains. If the region experiences more wind, the rain chain may not work effectively as the wind keeps the collection units moving and prevents the units from catching the rain coming out of the gutters. Though local companies can install rain chains, those companies often recommend that homeowners stick with traditional downspouts made from the same material as their gutters.

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