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Gutters are an integral part of a good roofing system. However, they are sometimes not maintained as efficiently as they should be. When the gutters are damaged, the entire home suffers. Homeowners will need to make sure that their gutters are working efficiently to prevent their rooftops, siding, doors and even their windows from becoming marred by water damage. In order to keep up with the cleaning needs of their gutters, homeowners are strongly encouraged to contact Davis roofing experts to help them. As simple as it is to clean such systems, it never hurts to have a professional take a look.

To begin, homeowners should have their safety equipment ready. They choose a sturdy ladder and place it on a level base. It is also important for individuals to protect themselves by wearing heavy work gloves and helmets. Goggles should also be worn to protect the eyes from any airborne particles that may be stirred from the cleaning.

The cleaning begins with raking. All leaves and debris should be removed from the roof's surface to prevent the next rainstorm from washing them back into the freshly cleaned gutters. After that is done, homeowners should then scoop out any loose leaves or clogs from their systems. For the best results, it is a good idea to use a slim gardening trowel to move up and away from the drain outlet to clean.

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This step is best performed when the debris is slightly moist and sticky. The worst time to perform this step is when the gutters are completely waterlogged or dry and encrusted. A bucket should be kept onsite to help with disposal.

After removing all of the larger particles, homeowners will then wash the gutters with a hose. Individuals should fill the gutters with water in order to flush out the smaller litter from the drains. This is best done with a high pressured nozzle that can reach any section of the gutters. Any hard to remove dirt can be scrubbed off later with a stiff bristled brush and washed away after removal.

Lastly, it is vital to remove any clogs within the drain pipes themselves. If homeowners notice that the water from their hose is not draining freely in the downspout, they can put the nozzle directly into the drain to force the clogs out. If the water still does not dissipate satisfactorily, a plumbing auger or snake can be used to pull debris through from the exit of the pipe or forced up through the top, where it can be collected and disposed of.

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