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The roof of the home protects against the elements and adds to the curbside appeal. A well maintained roof will last homeowners decades, but negligent care of the roof is a recipe for disaster. Homeowners should occasionally inspect their roof, especially after storms or a long winter, but even astute homeowners can miss signs that their roof has fallen into disrepair. Homeowners wanting their roof to last should get a Davis roofing expert to inspect it for any potential damage. The earlier a problem is spotted, the easier, and cheaper, the repairs will be.

Before examining the outside of the roof, many inspectors will inspect the inside of the house. This allows them to look for any mold buildup, rot, or moisture that may have accumulated in the attic, which signifies leakage issues. They'll check to be sure proper insulation is in place and that all of the rafters are intact.

Once on the outside of the roof, inspectors will examine the shingles to see if they are in good condition. They'll look for any signs of deterioration, such as sagging portions of the roof or leaks, especially in potentially damp areas where moss may form and water damage can occur. They'll scrutinize the gutters to be sure they are properly fastened and in good working order, and they'll also look over the flashing, vents, chimneys, or any other areas where broken seals could potentially let in water.

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In the event a problem is discovered on the roof, having an expert on hand allows for a plan of action to be drawn up quickly. They'll be able to provide a timeframe and the estimated cost of performing whatever repairs are needed.

Aside from the structure of the roof, the inspector will be able to offer solutions for cosmetic issues. Black or green algae stains and grimy gutters bring down the curb appeal of the home and can be difficult and even dangerous for homeowners to clean. A good roofing company will be able to clean the roof and gutters after completing any needed repairs.

A professional inspection should be carried out once every one or two years. With so many potential problems with a roof invisible to the untrained eye, a problem could fester and get worse if not caught in time by a professional who knows what to look for. With regular inspections and maintenance, homeowners will add years to their roof's lifespan.

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