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Black mold is increasingly becoming dangerous to people as it has rapidly multiplied over the last decade. Black mold travels by sending spores into the air, and once it finds a location with a good food source, it quickly multiplies. Because it continues to produce spores, black mold can become a breathing hazard to anyone living within a building that has an infestation.

One of the favorite places for a mold spore to enter into a building is through a leak in the roof. The roof provides these spores a great food source, for the mold loves to eat building materials like wood and drywall, and it is a great place to rapidly multiply because the rafters of the roof are not a place visited every day.

This is why it is very important to have a professional Davis roofing company inspect the roof on a regular basis. A roof inspection can help prevent any damage to the roof and home and will be the best defense against a black mold infestation.

A roof inspection does not take very long to complete.

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If the home owner is completing the inspection, they will need to get on the roof and check for loose shingles; cracks in any area where tar is laid down, such as around air vents; and soft spots in the roof. It is also important to check around the base of any fixtures on the roof such as flashings and antennas or leftover hardware from holiday decorations. Mold spores are almost microscopic when they are by themselves and can enter into a very small crack or hole.

If any damage is found to the roof, it is very important to correct the damage immediately. Not only will this protect the rest of the roof from further damage and prevent interior water damage to the home, but it will also reduce the chances of having black mold spores enter the roof and attic space.

During the roof repair process, it will be easy to determine if any mold has invaded the area. If it has, the area must be treated with the correct chemical compounds to kill the mold. Simple household cleaners will not work. If there is physical damage to the roof or underlying beams from the mold, it will most likely be in the best interest of the homeowner to have these damaged pieces removed and the adjoining areas treated for mold before replacing the wood. This will be the best defense against recurrent mold growth.

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