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California's extended drought leaves many homeowners questioning the value of replacing their home's gutters and downspouts. After all, four years of practically no rain might lead anyone to think that a home without gutters of any kind is perfectly acceptable.

Low demand for gutter replacement projects, however, offers an opportunity to complete a project economically that provides benefits for many years, potentially for the remaining lifetime of a home and its occupants. Buying something when the price descends to low levels for any reason, including low demand, makes sound financial sense when viewed from a longer perspective.

Davis roofing companies take advantage of this scenario through low prices for gutters and downspouts. Competition for projects of this nature makes it necessary for them to pass material cost savings along to customers.

When the rains do eventually return to California, they could very well come hard and heavy. Anyone who exercised the foresight to complete this type of project, rather than delay it until torrential downpours make it an emergency scenario, can rest easy and enjoy the moisture.

Gathering estimates from different companies is actually quite simple and convenient.

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Many roofing companies provide potential customers with online estimating tools to supply an initial picture of the total cost. For gutter projects, a rough approximation of the total linear feet of gutter and the number of downspouts is the necessary information. Plugging in different types of gutters and potential options supplies a range of prices for comparison purposes.

In this manner, gathering four or five estimates takes very little time. Precise measurements can wait until the project moves into the phase where selected roofing companies actually visit the site of the project, so long as any roofing company contacted receives the same measurements.

The next stage, that involving setting up a site inspection with several roofing companies, provides the opportunity to develop a sense of some of the intangible aspects related to professionalism and customer service a particular company provides. Showing up on time for an estimate, rather than rescheduling one or more times, gives an indication of what might take place after the project is finished if any issues with material or workmanship arise. Pay attention to how thorough any estimates received at this time outline the precise scope of the work and the exact description of the materials. Planning of this nature ultimately results in a gutter and downspout project that exceeds expectations in terms of cost and quality.

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