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When a roof has experienced trauma from varying weather conditions it can begin to become damaged. While it is not always clear how it may have occurred, there are several warning signs that a roof has become damaged and will need repair. It is important for homeowner's to learn to recognize these signs so that they can take the necessary steps to fix the current damage and prevent the further degradation of their roof. At the first sign of damage, homeowners may want to call a Davis roofing professional to take a closer look at the roof.

One of the more obvious signs that a roof may be damaged is when a homeowner notices that their ceiling is beginning to sag. This is often an indication that there has been water damage caused by a leaky roof. Another thing to take note of is whether the shingles appear to be rotted. If a homeowner suspects that there is rotting of any of the shingles, it is necessary to have these areas repaired to avoid further rotting throughout the roof.

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After any severe weather, such as snow, ice or a hailstorm, homeowners should check their roof for any damage that may have occurred as a result. These storms can often cause severe damage to any roof and are often covered by homeowners insurance. Some easy ways to tell if damage occurred during the storm is by looking for bruising between shingles, at the bottom and the edge of shingles or on the face of the shingles. In addition, there may be excessive granule loss.

Over time, roofing repairs are needed simply due to old age and regular wear and tear. Some signs of this include finding shingles in the yard, and the discoloration of shingles. If a homeowner finds an excessive amount of shingles in the yard, it is very important that they contact their local roofing professional to determine whether to replace the entire roof. They can also take a look at any notable discoloration that may be caused by moss or algae growth.

Homeowners should have their roof checked at least once a year for any subtle changes or potential damage. Often, when damaged is detected early, it is easily remedied without needing to replace the entire roof. In addition, taking preventative steps at the first sign of a problem is the best way for homeowners to protect their home from potential damage in the future.

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