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Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular for not only commercial or agricultural purposes but residential properties as well. This means that as more and more homeowners opt for a metal roofing system, it is imperative that they understand the importance of how this type of roofing material differs from other materials.

For example, homeowners who wish to have a skylight installed in their roof need to make sure that the skylight is properly installed and sealed. On a metal roof, a Davis roofing contractor will need to curb mount the skylight. Curb mounting allows the flashing around the skylight to be properly installed in order to ensure there are no leaks.

The curb is simply a raised frame used to mount the skylight. The curb is attached directly to the roof deck, placing it over the rough opening that was cut for the skylight. The frame or curb provides the necessary protrusion to allow flashing to be placed around the curb prior to the installation of metal shingles or panels. Once the curb and flashing are in place, the skylight can be installed directly onto the raised frame. It is important that a skylight be curb mounted rather than flush mounted when dealing with a metal roof.

Homeowners who already have a skylight on their roof, but are thinking about reroofing or having a new roof installed, should consider the benefits of replacing their skylight at the same time.

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Skylights need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years, but replacement after the installation of a new roof can be a big job, especially if a new metal roof is installed. The roof will likely need to have many pieces of roofing removed in order to access the skylight and flashing. This can be an expensive endeavor.

Fortunately, by replacing a skylight at the time of the new roof installation, a homeowner will be able to maximize the life of their skylight without having to worry about the necessity of tearing their roof apart in a few years. Of course, it is also much easier to install the curb mount, flashing and sealant prior to the installation of metal panels or shingles. This can help ensure a good barrier and minimize the risk of water leaks.

Anyone who is thinking about a metal roof should understand the unique challenges that a skylight can present. An experienced roofing contractor can help make sure that all aspects of installation and flashing are completed properly in order to ensure quality results.

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