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The roof provides far more than just protection from weather. It can be a visual focal point and truly complement the architectural style of a home. Historically, architecture of many different periods has used the roof as a key element in the design. Metal roofing has evolved from being a purely industrial and functional purpose to application in both commercial and residential buildings as well. It has become visually appealing as well as functional for all uses. Talking with a Davis roofing professional can answer all the questions about a metal roof, including cost, appearance and functionality.

Since the beginning of this century, metal roofing has grown at an amazing pace as a residential product. Without breaking the bank, property owners can have a long lasting and beautiful roof. The cost is much less than one would imagine, and when combined with the savings associated with less maintenance and energy efficiency, it is often an easy decision.

Energy efficiency is also important economically. Asphalt roofing absorbs heat, keeping the attic warmer and thus making the rest of the interiors warmer. This creates a strain on the air-conditioning unit to regulate the inside temperature, creating a higher electric bill. This is a cycle that usually goes unnoticed, and homeowners assume electric costs are simply higher.

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When a metal roof is installed, monthly savings are frequently seen right away on the electric bill. This is because the metal roof reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it and creating unnecessary heat.

Additionally, metal roofing is just a more environmentally friendly product. The materials last far longer than asphalt roofing and some other types of materials. This creates less waste and does not add to the landfills. Just about all metal now has at least some recycled materials and can be recycled once it does finally need replacement.

As previously mentioned, maintaining a metal roof is far easier than most other materials. It is stronger and withstands severe weather much better than asphalt and wooden materials. High wind and hail are typically not a problem for this type of roof. Homeowners will remain comfortable in storms and heavy rain without the fear of leaking or damage. After storms, asphalt and wood shingles may come loose or crack, but this is far less of an issue with metal materials. Speaking with a professional about different varieties of metal such as steel, zinc and others can also give a good idea about different appearances, malleability, price and more.

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