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Davis Roofing: Article About Importance Of Professional Roof Inspections

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Davis roofing experts understand leaky roofs result in the majority of insurance claims in a residential home. It's not just leaks that a homeowner has to worry about. Water entering the home can damage drywall, rot wood and create the perfect breeding ground for unhealthy black mold. It can even cause extremely dangerous situations by finding its way into electrical systems. This could potentially lead to a fire, and it will definitely cost a lot of money to repair. In this light, the price of a professional roof inspection is insignificant when compared to the potential consequences of foregoing the procedure.

There are three main reasons for a roof inspection. The most important is to locate and assess any damage or leaks. Secondly, a professional inspection will determine the remaining life of the roof. Finally, a certificate of inspection will be issued that can be extremely beneficial if the house is currently on the market to be bought or sold.

When a homeowner is looking to buy a new house, a roof inspection can prevent future headaches. The regular home inspector, while extremely knowledgeable, is not likely to perform a comprehensive investigation of the roof system.

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A professional roofing contractor will physically climb onto the roof and look for problem areas. They can also provide an exact estimate of the roof's life expectancy. Having this done before purchasing a house can ensure no unexpected expenses arise soon after.

Another important reason for hiring a contractor to inspect the roof is safety. A homeowner trying to perform such a dangerous task can cause harm to both themselves and the roof. For one, most homeowners are unaware of how to properly walk on a roof and can end up damaging it. They also probably do not own the type of equipment necessary to safely negotiate the steep slopes. Professional roofing contractors, on the other hand, do know how to clamber up and walk around without hurting themselves or the roof.

While the pros are up there, they've learned through years of experience all the tell tale signs to look for when inspecting a roof. They can see what a layperson cannot such as hidden damage that will eventually cause problems. The majority of leaks are difficult to find for the average homeowner. Not so for the professional roofer. Where a leak may seem to originate from nowhere for most people, a contractor can find it with a glance just from walking the roof and looking for signs.

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