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Storms are unavoidable, and their resulting damage can be catastrophic to a home. When a wicked storm blows through and leaves behind destruction in its wake, there are a few mistakes homeowners should avoid to make their restoration process easier. Davis roofing professionals are experienced in storm damage and helping homeowners navigate the territory of post storm damage.

Many homeowners file a bunch of small claims over time. From hail damage on their roofs to a broken window from an errant tree branch, many people are asking their insurance to pay for small items that they could repair themselves. Insurance agents say that not only will this increase the premium costs, it may lead to the company not renewing the policy over time. For homeowners who can't decide whether they should file a claim or repair it out of pocket, they should contact their agent and ask questions to avoid no pay claims appearing on their insurance record.

After a storm, there are going to be a few bad seeds that will try to make fraudulent claims. Insurance companies might be suspicious of owners making claims when the damage doesn't look too bad. People should avoid cleaning up too much until an agent can get to their home and inspect the damage. They understand performing repairs on immediate needs (like patching a busted pipe), but before any of those repairs are made, the damage should be fully documented with pictures or videos.

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Other people might let damage go on for too long. If a customer can't easily get in touch with their insurance agent because the power is out, they should strive to contact them immediately if there's a serious problem like a giant hole in the roof. Even if they're busy in the wake of a storm, agents will go out right away to homes that should be repaired as soon as possible. The last thing they want are customers who let their problems get worse.

Before hiring a company to fix the home, it's important to avoid predatory companies or people that are just out to make a quick buck on desperate homeowners. A reliable company should have a long list of references and be willing to give a complete estimate with a breakdown of materials, labor costs and a start and finish date. In the wake of a storm, there will be a lot of door to door contractors, and these are usually unlicensed and uninsured laypeople. These "companies" should never be hired.

Homeowners shouldn't let these common mistakes affect getting their home fixed in a timely manner. A little bit of knowledge goes a long ways in these circumstances.

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