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Finding and hiring the right contractor for a roofing project is an important task. In most circumstances, the project is major and represents a sizeable amount of money. Since most homeowners will need to hire a roofer only once or twice in their lives, they don't have a lot of experience with the process. Before hiring someone to work on the roof, homeowners should learn what the law requires of each party, what their rights are, and what to do if things go wrong. Reputable Davis roofing contractors are happy to help homeowners in this process and will answer any questions they may have.

In California, home improvement contractors must be certified by the state. The definition of a contractor is very broad and includes every home repair service. Contractors must pass an exam before becoming state licensed. Uninformed homeowners might think that being state licensed means that the contractor has passed some type of competency exam. However, the state exam only makes sure that contractors are familiar with the law in regard to contract requirements, down payments, and informing homeowners of what might happen to their home if the contractor's bill is not paid. The exam is open book and consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Clearly, being state licensed in this instance does not grant the homeowner any assurance of the contractor's ability to perform the repairs.

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Homeowners must do further research to find a competent roofer. The best roofers are factory certified. These manufacturers of roofing products often have very strict requirements for contractors who use their products before endorsing them. For example, GAF Manufacturing requires its certified contractors to pass a strenuous exam that covers the proper uses and installation of their shingles and other roofing materials. This ensures homeowners that the contractors that GAF endorses have the highest level of roofing competency. This certification must be renewed every two years, making GAF certified roofers very knowledgeable about the best practices in installation and advances in roofing technology. Other manufacturers, like CertainTeed, also certify contractors.

Some manufacturers require more than skill competency of their certified roofers. GAF requires contractors to have a good credit rating and to have been in business for at least seven years. These requirements give homeowners peace of mind knowing that the contractor has a proven success record and that an unpaid shingle supplier will not place a mechanic's lien on their home. Each manufacturer has its own requirements of its factory certified contractors. Homeowners should research each manufacturer's requirements before deciding which certification protects them from incompetency most effectively.

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