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Although most people associate hail damage with broken windows or dented car exteriors, hail can cause serious damage to asphalt shingles as well. If left untreated, it could cause shingles to break or come free from the roof. This may lead to water damage and other problems with the structure that may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace.

However, there are signs of hail damage that homeowners can look for to determine if there is a problem. If a problem is found or an individual believes that damage may have occurred, it is worthwhile to call a Davis roofing professional. A professional will be able to inspect the roof to either confirm what the homeowner suspects or create a more accurate diagnosis of the problem.

The most common and perhaps even the most obvious sign of damage caused by hail is granules flaking off the shingle. The granules may collect in the gutter or run off and collect in the downspout. When an asphalt shingle loses its granules, it decreases its ability to shield itself from wind, sun and other elements.

If a shingle is dented, the dents are likely to have come after being hit by hail. Even when falling from just a few feet above the roof, small hail stones can achieve a rapid terminal velocity.

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They can hit with enough force to leave evidence of the physical impact between the hail stone and the surface. In some cases, it will have a dent that is not visible but could still result in damage.

However, after a storm, a professionals may run their hands along the shingle's surface in an effort to find any spongy spots that may indicate minor bruising. If bruises are detected, the damaged shingle should be replaced as soon as possible to eliminate the chance of enhanced damage or damage spreading to other parts of the roof.

In the event that a hailstone larger than the size of a penny has hit the roof, there may be evidence of cracking on the shingle. The crack will be in the shape of a circle or a half-circle. Homeowners who see these cracks should call a professional immediately as it could be a sign of serious damage to the shingle and increase the odds of water damage. If water is allowed to seep into the home, it could lead to mold and pest damage in the future.

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