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There are many different roofing options, but one of the most popular up and coming systems is the green roof. Not to be confused with environmentally friendly roofs, green roofs support plant life. In return, this vegetation protects the home from the outside elements, including the harmful UV rays of the sun. Davis roofing experts can properly install these roof ecosystems and give homeowners tips on how to maintain them.

When having a green roof installed, there are two times of the year when it's best to do it. The first is during the mid to late spring months of April and May. The second is during the early to middle fall months of September and October. Regardless of the time of year, the homeowner needs to pick vegetation that stays green most of the year and can can stand up to frost damage. The individual can talk to the roofer to find out which plants are a good fit for the climate in the residential area.

When having a green roof installed, the main thing that most homeowners worry about is maintenance. The amount of maintenance that a roof needs is dependent on the thickness of its media.

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Green roofs with thick medias hold more water, so they require less maintenance from the homeowner. Also, choosing hardy vegetation such as grass lowers the amount of maintenance required. Roof ecosystems with grass typically require no maintenance at all unless a substantial drought occurs in the residential area. Any repair maintenance that needs to be done on a green roof should be completed by a professional to ensure that it's done correctly.

There are many benefits that go along with choosing a green roof. One of the major ones is its ability to reduce water runoff from storms. Most roofs are designed so that the water drains off quickly. On homes that don't have proper gutter systems, the runoff falls around the foundations of the structures, increasing erosion and flooding. Green roofs absorb much of this water to support the plant life.

Since green roofs hold onto this water and release it over the course of a few hours, the water provides a unique cooling effect that is not possible with other roofing systems. This reduces the heat island effect that is common with other roofs as well. Furthermore, since roof ecosystems such as this keep homes cooler, it reduces the energy that air conditioners use during the hot summer months, saving the homeowners money on their utility bills.

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