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More homeowners today are concerned about being green or eco-friendly with their entire household. In addition to recycling aluminum cans to cooling the home with ceiling fans, green living can also extend to roof replacement. A Davis roofing professional can explain all the recycling processes they employ along with the benefits of certain material installations, including solar shingles or tiles.

Residents should first consider the old roofing material. Discarded roofing materials were often placed in local landfills, creating a polluted environment. Today's contractors have several outlets for old materials. Some companies donate viable shingles to nonprofit agencies, for example, or simply recycle the materials for new production channels. Homeowners can check with a contractor about their discarding processes to verify green practices.

A modern way to stay green during roof replacement is choosing solar shingles or tiles. These solar cells are embedded in the roofing materials, creating a smooth appearance from the curb. Ideally, the entire home may run off solar power to avoid electrical use from the main grid. The household is extremely eco-friendly with this roofing choice because residents aren't contributing greatly to fossil fuel use. Electrical companies typically burn fossil fuels to generate the electricity that flows to consumers. Electrical costs drop dramatically, too, forming another benefit to this green choice.

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Some households may have placed the idea of solar energy aside because of the required materials and their heavy weight when using panel technology. Roofing shingles with solar technology add very little weight to a roof. Even an older structure with strict load capacities can have solar tiles added. Solar roofing is about 2 to 3 pounds for each square foot, so they are comparable to regular shingle weights.

Once homeowners decide on solar roofing, another roof replacement isn't necessary for more than 30 years. With this long time period, homeowners understand they won't be contributing debris to landfills and are saving on considerable fossil fuel supplies. Solar roofing is able to last for many decades because of pliable materials within shingle and tile construction, including gallium, copper, and selenium. Only a severe storm could damage the materials enough to warrant a repair.

Discussing long-lasting material options is a smart way to start a roof replacement estimation process. When contractors know a homeowner wants to be as green as possible, they can find alternative ways to complete the project and satisfy all involved parties. A homeowner can have a strong, functional roof and still be environmentally conscious.

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