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From scalloped edges to modern vertical lines, metal roofs offer some of the most beautiful designs for residential homes. Residents could find themselves sorting through dozens of Davis roofing professional's samples to find the best match for their decor. Metal roofs aren't just visually appealing. They also provide a green alternative to shingles.

Metal roofs come in many colors, including light tones, to make the installation as environmentally conscious as possible. Standard shingles are normally black or brown, contributing to heat absorption throughout the day. Metal roofs in beige or cream actually reflect sunlight. Because ultraviolet radiation is being reflected away from the structure, it doesn't heat up as much as a shingled home. Residents will find air conditioning costs to be lower each month because there's very little need for it. Less cooling costs contributes to reduced fossil fuel burning and particulate matter in the atmosphere.

Roofing material disposal is a huge part of landfill volumes. When homeowners choose metal roofing, they have a material that lasts about 50 years. There's no need to replace the roof after 30 years, such as with shingle installations, where disposal volumes could be in the tons. Metal roof installations indirectly help landfills because there's no need to install new materials for a half century.

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Homeowners could be concerned about removing old shingles and installing metal panels because there is still a disposal process harming the environment. However, many shingle installations can actually remain in place as metal is added above it. If contractors deem a property is applicable to this installation strategy, both homeowners and the environment benefit. There is no major landfill contribution from pulled shingles and no extra labor charges for removal. The roof simply has extra protection from moisture issues for the next several decades.

Although asphalt shingles are tough, they do break down over time. They actually contribute small emission amounts to the atmosphere. When homeowners add in all the shingles on their home and others nearby, the pollution contribution is significant. Metal panels break down much more slowly, but only release a small amount of emissions compared to shingles.

Discuss potential contractors with friends and family to find the best metal installer. Because this material isn't as widespread as shingles, homeowners might want to turn to online reviews for a broader perspective. Ideally, hire a contractor with quality experience and training to see a metal roof last for almost a lifetime.

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