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The roof protects the home against the elements, and those same elements can wreak havoc on the shingles and underlying structure of the roof. Homeowners should inspect their roof whenever there is severe weather, and in most cases, it's best to bring in a Davis roofing specialist to examine any damage.

High winds can bend, crack, or even rip off shingles. Older shingles are particularly susceptible to these damaging winds. Wind can turn tree branches into projectiles, and any trees positioned near the roof can do severe damage. If high winds are accompanied by a storm, lashing rains or hail may cause further damage to the shingles and potentially cause leaks. Water damage is especially devastating if the gutters are not properly cleaned. Backed up gutters allow water to sit on the roof or roll down the sides of the house, which can deteriorate and rot wooden rafters and boards.

Snow and ice are particularly vicious to a roof. When melting, the water will try to worm its way through any chinks in the roof's armor, and the sheer weight of a heavy snowfall on a flatter roof can compromise the overall stability and cause sagging in places. Homeowners should always examine their roof after a particularly long or heavy winter.

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While simple black algae streaks only mar the physical appearance of the roof, green roof moss grows shallow roots that can get through the shingles and damage the materials beneath. Moss is at home in moist and dark environments, and the combination of that moisture and root damage can cause rot in the roof deck. Moss also causes a tremendous eyesore that severely affects the curb appeal of the home.

Age itself makes a roof particularly susceptible to damage from elements that a newer roof would be able to shrug off. If an asphalt roof is over 20 years old, chances are it will not be as up to the task of protecting the home as it had in the past.

If a cursory examination reveals that the roof has been damaged by the elements, homeowners should bring in expert help. Professional roofers can identify damaged areas and outline a plan to repair or replace problem spots, and if the roof is older, it may be better to replace the entire structure. Having a specialist examine the roof will enable homeowners to decide on a course of action to keep their home safe and secure against the outside.

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